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Travel Portraits With a Twist of Wine


Experience the fusion of photography and fine wine in a single captivating event!

With a lifetime passion for travel and countless adventures under my belt, I am thrilled to share my smartphone photography hacks that will level up your posing, camera positioning, composition, lighting, and camera modes skills. Say goodbye to awkward and unremarkable photos and elevate your Instagram game!

This 2-hour class is not just about developing your photography skills but also teasing your tastebuds with a selection of world-class wines. Situated in the picturesque heart of Sonoma County, Harvest Moon Winery offers the perfect backdrop to plunge into smartphone photography while savoring unique wine flavors.

Don't worry if you're camera-shy, I've got you covered. We will transform the way you see yourself in front of the lens, no silly selfie sticks, nor cumbersome tripods required.



Smartphone Photography and Wine Tasting

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Diem Martin

 I had an incredible time at the pour and pose class held at the winery. It was a fantastic experience where I learned valuable insights about optimizing my Android camera for stunning photos and creative angles. The wine tasting was delightful, and the ambiance added to the charm of the day. What made this experience even more special was the instructor's ability to create a comfortable environment for everyone, especially for those who might be a bit shy. This class is not only enjoyable but also provides practical skills that I can see myself using while traveling or enhancing my social media content. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a unique photography and wine-tasting adventure.



Travel Portraits With a Twist of Wine

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