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Simplify Your Life with Grace Brooke

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I'm Grace Brooke

Women today are busier than ever before. We’re running businesses, managing households, taking care of our families, and trying to stay one step ahead of everyone around us. All these responsibilities means it can be challenging to stay organized and carve our much-needed time for ourselves or other goals.

That’s why you need a break from it all with an exclusive one-day retreat in beautiful Sonoma County

You’ll have the opportunity to:


Learn how to simplify all your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks


Examine the thoughts and beliefs limiting your success


Find confidence in yourself and create a more powerful mindset


Create smart, attainable habits that empower your personal goals


Rid yourself of the emotional clutter that manifests in your life


Turn challenging days into focused accomplishments


Improve your personal and professional efficiency


Learn to organize the STUFF that overwhelms you and reclaim physical space

Learn to Streamline Time, Money, and Things

Led by lifestyle coach Grace Brooke who offers nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in helping people simply and organizes their lives, this is an opportunity to take your personal and professional life to exciting new levels.


Through this fun and relatable retreat, you’ll experience real encouragement and accountability for a group of like-minded women and professionals from all over the area. With Brooke, you’ll learn how to thrive in your day-to-day life, which can provide you with:


  • More freedom for family time, travel, or vacations

  • A chance to create stronger, more engaged relationships

  • The ability to find your sense of purpose and create more confidence

  • An opportunity to network with like-minded professionals

  • Freedom to de-clutter your physical surroundings and emotional baggage

  • Time to de-stress and focus on someone who truly matters—YOU

Take Time for Yourself – Make the Future Stronger for All

Whether you’re a busy mom of three looking to teach your children what determination is all about, a single entrepreneur looking for your big break, or something in between this is a retreat for women from all different backgrounds.

This is your opportunity to live your best life by nourishing your mind, relaxing your body, and finding a sense of peace that fortifies every day going forward. 

One-Day Sonoma Retreat Details


Located in beautiful and iconic Sonoma County, this is a rare and limited opportunity to join women just like you and be led by an organizational coach who can help you achieve more than you ever though possible. The retreat information is as follows:



Date: [Enter Date]

Time: [Enter Time]

Price: $ – Early Bird Special

            $ – After X Date


*Snacks, lunch, and drinks will be provided. Please come dressed comfortably with an open mind and a notebook/pen.


What People Say

Recently I had the pleasure and opportunity to attend Grace’s workshop. Since I only knew her in the organization arena I was curious how this was going to play out. She shined! Over the past couple of years Grace has gone through her own personal transformation around “things” and now comes from a deep and almost spiritual like place. Her passion for sharing with others on how we can have a more fulfilled life with less is POWERFUL!

Beckie K.

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