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About Me

Hi Friend!

I am Grace Brooke!

I have spent my whole life in the pursuit of adventure, freedom and keeping my spirit young, free and playful to enhance phyiscal capability, meaningful experiences and fostering mindfulness.

My story:

As a young girl, the last thing I wanted to do was stay indoors. On Saturday mornings, I quickly finished my chores and ran out of the house to play, ride my bike, and catch crawdads in the creek.


I always had headaches growing up. I would ask my mom to take me to the doctor to figure out why. Our childhood home was filled with clutter, from lining the stairs to tripping over stuff right inside the front door. I learned to keep my bedroom neat and tidy for my sanity.

At the tender age of 12, I developed a passion for fitness and nutrition. I would accompany my dad to the gym, and that laid the foundation for my career. By 15, I became a certified aerobics instructor. I was young, driven, and full of ambition.

Fun Facts
  • My first car had the personalized license plate, “Mz Fitnz”.

  • I started the very first “fitness club” at my high school.

  • In 2010, I was a featured organizer on the show Hoarding, Buried Alive

  • The football great, Jerry Rice, wide receiver of the 49ers, caught me in his arms when I tripped at a golf tournament.

  • After a life-long fear of motorcycles, I got my motorcycle license in Nov. 2022 and bought a dual sport motorcycle. I prefer dirt over streets. It takes me back to my younger years riding my bike through the dirt and off the curbs.

  • I took my very first international solo trip to Greece for two weeks. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

  • I am known amongst my girlfriends to be the “best wrestler” 

What I Love
  • My grown children and exploring new places with them

  • Bachata dancing and being free inside my body

  • Photography - taking pictures and expressing myself through my travel photos

  • The nightly cuddles with my four-legged love-bug, JAX 

  • A room full of lush, green tropical houseplants 

  • Expanding myself and pushing my comfort zone

What Makes Me Unique
  • My short + chubby thumbs

  • No tattoos

  • I am religious about being on time

  • I am vulnerable and genuine 

  • Not materialistic - prefer experiences over things

  • Flats over heels

  • Comfort over style

What I’m Like As A Coach
  • Straightforward: I will be the first to tell you that I can’t reach your goal for you.

  • Empathetic, but not a pushover - I get that life happens, but I can sniff out an excuse from a mile away and call you out.

  • Reliable - I am here for the long haul if you choose to work together for 30 days or beyond.

  • Caring and Supportive - I believe that anyone can achieve anything they desire and I want to make sure you get there.

  • Enthusiastic - Life has its challenges, but I am here to help you keep your glow bright.

  • Resourceful - You don’t need to spend a ton of money to live a BIG life while taking care of your health + wellness.

Running Athletic Women

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